When wives earn more than their husbands, their marriage is less likely to last


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Their husbands said they earned 2.9 percentage points more than they did.. the new study and previous research, up from 18 percent in the 1980s.. that marriages in which the woman earned more were less likely to form.

 · Alpha Women, Beta Men.. wives earned more than their spouses in almost a third of married households where the wife worked. Yet this proud professional achievement often seems to.

than their husbands based on in-depth interviews with husbands and wives in 30. the labor force in large numbers over the last sev-. able because spouses are depicted as fulfilling com-. not significantly altered the balance of power in mar-. marriage. This seems particularly true when women earn more than their.

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Men who are entirely dependent on their girlfriends or wives are five times more likely to cheat than men who earn the same amount as their partners. In contrast though, the more financially dependent a woman is on her male partner, the less likely she is to cheat.

While these later marriages are also more likely to last, economist. Historically, college educated women were less likely to marry than high school graduates.. have become substantially more likely to marry (and stay married).. education and earning capacity as well as men's, push back the age of.

Wives report more dissatisfaction with their marriages than their husbands. Women are much more likely than men to initiate divorce, according to survey of over 2000 heterosexual couples.

The Downside to Earning More: Your Husband Is More Likely to Cheat. while women who made a lot more than their husbands were less likely to be unfaithful.. The small number of men who make.

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A Marriage Mystery: Why Aren’t More Wives Outearning Their Husbands? With women taking more than half of the country’s new bachelor’s degrees, many of them should be the chief breadwinners in.

Education and earnings at the individual level, and patterns of family formation and. For black men the rate is just 17.2 percent:. An undergraduate degree is not a wealth generator for black americans. College-educated women are now more likely to be married than those without college degrees.

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