Student Loan Debt Is Bad For Mental Health, And These Stats Prove it


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Student loans are doing more than causing young people to delay. In fact, the statistics are staggering: student loan debt clocks in at more. But did you know that student loan debt affects your mental health, too?. It's not really a secret how this kind of financial stress can impact a person's everyday life.

It can also affect their mental health, the research shows, with those struggling to pay off debts twice as likely to suffer from depression and anxiety, with that depression level increasing 14 percent for every 10 percent increase in debt. And it gets even worse: Student debt is actually killing people.

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Whether it's considered "good debt" or "bad debt," the truth is, any debt can. Studies show what many of us already know: Debt is about much more than money.. student will graduate with a whopping $40,000 in student loans – and those. financial debt and its impact on mental and physical health.

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That may be why students from poorer backgrounds with higher cumulative levels of student-loan debt in the study from the University of South Carolina performed better when it came to mental health.

Borrowing money to pay those bills leads to debt, which can lead to all sorts of. Among the negative effects are low self-esteem and impaired. Other studies show mental health problems decrease self-control, It's the opposite of denial, and there's plenty of it based on debt-management statistics.

However, in the case of co-signed debt, such as an auto loan or private student loan, the co-signer is usually liable for it if the primary borrower dies. ruce said that in some rare situations, the loan contract requires the co-signer to pay off the balance immediately upon the death of the borrower.

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For many recent graduates, student loan debt is literally giving them nightmares. Over the last decade, college-loan balances in the United.

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